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With years of experience, we have gained delivered service to various clients from different domain. Our major clients are from e-Learning, IT (Product & Service companies), Hospitality, Energy industry.

At VJLine, we provide companies with the best and cost-effective services including Business Consulting, Writing Services, Design & Multimedia, ApplicationDevelopment (Windows & Web Application), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Courseware & Tutorial Development.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dormant Professionals – Are they loss for the organization?

After I observed many professionals working with different organization, I realized what they are going through, how much more an organization could have gained just by paying little more attention on their under-performing employees or just by improving the process that can uplift the productivity of its dormant professionals.
Most of the time, weak process causes such unproductive environment. They go dormant even after knowing its risk and consequences. They cannot help themselves but the process. I have seen people not satisfied with their productivity and the way they work. Every day they feel very upset when going home from office. They know that they could do far better than they did but…this is the way they work every day. Every day, they wake up of thinking to do something great that day while regretting of wasting their time with nothing new.

I do feel sad when I spend a day without being used or doing something that is dulcet. Alas!

I am concern about it and do not want such people to be dormant; in fact, they need to be paid with close attention. At workplace, almost everyone wants to be a star performer and get attention for his/her achievements. It inspires setting higher and better goal. Success encourages motivating others and produces professionals that are more skilled.

I must say - "Dormant Professionals are not loss for any organization". Contribute with your suggestions and feedback to make better and improved process that would help you and the associated organization grow for a true purpose.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Life is priceless" from the THIRST

In my book THIRST, a character had a very close friend, which he found in a week but lost in seven months. However, he was happy and started to spend some time alone and keep pondering. Remembering that friend, one day, he was thinking;
  • Was it the opportunity to know each other or the time limit to leave each other?
  • Perhaps I fail to pass this friendship test.
  • It was the time offered to realize that one can live with or without special love and care.
  • No one stops but the use everyone as a stopover.
  • Are we just a shelter for each other to accomplish any type of wants?
  • If we say, we are close to you and love you then why we disremember it after find anything unexpected in others. Does it mean that we never loved anyone in true sense?
  • We want to be materialistic or being a simple and good person should be our motive?

Finally, he concluded that everyone wants to live life at his/her own comfort level, and has few dreams to live. To make it happen, one can do anything depending on his/her nature. All of us get what we are from inside and what we act or choose to be. Everything in our life comes only after we make direct or indirect choice for it and hence, we should always embrace all its consequences too.

Life is priceless and we should do something that the world can name us with honor and respect. We have nothing to lose in this life but so many things to achieve and discover.

Belonging to Modern Culture

There are many people from various areas, who have been in exploring the world, discovering new horizons, trying hard to find the possibilities outside the Earth, finding the cures of diseases, and making effort to keep us surviving on the Earth which we have made a life-threatening planet.

At the other side, there are people, who never try to give our society innovative, extraordinary but just surviving because they are born, and spreading the intolerable things out here. Today people have become more stressful, addicted to many injurious things, and do not believe in compound family. We hardly give time to our parents, grandparents, and listen to others. There are still some good practices of approaching the professional/expert in case of extreme problem.

We are living faster life where we easily get attracted towards flares, and believe that availing better amenities, living lavishly are the only purpose of life. Unfortunately, we call it modern lifestyle…

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

VJLine Comes Up With Web Based Tutorial (WBT)

VJLine is now more focused to provide e-learning domain with quality tutorials developed using advanced tools making it more interactive.

We develop customised tutorials according to your requirements and make sure that stand at user’s expectation. To make it more effective, we provide it with more sections including tutorial objective, summary, and learner’s assessment. It finally produces an analysis report that explains users' weak and strong part according to the assessment.

There are following tutorials, which are available for demo:

  • The C for beginners
  • The C++ for Beginners
  • Internet Browsing
  • Visual Basic
  • Computer Hardware
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO - Basic and Advance Level)
  • SAS

We are looking more reliable and long lasting relationship with you to bring dramatic change in education industry.

Skype: VJLine

Friday, September 9, 2011

VJLine Writing Services

Our Content Writing Services Includes:
  • Business Writing: Make your business Professional, Effective, and Unique
  • Web Content Writing: Let your website Talk, Communicate, and Interact
  • SEO Copywriting: Optimize, Promote, and Excel with your words
  • Article Writing: Meant for readers, Informative, Featured, and much more...
  • Newsletter Writing: Talk to your clients regularly; keep them updated about your business
  • E-book Writing: Amass all your expertise, working and much more into one...
  • Blog Writing: Let readers enjoy your style of messaging...
  • Technical Writing: Explain in Informative, Detailed, Easy-to-Interpret ways
  • Press Release: What's new and What's more...tell everyone.

Write us at info@vjline.com


Thursday, August 25, 2011

How VJLine Graphic Designers can help you?

Our expert Graphic designers at VJLine have unbound imagination and professional expertise to deliver a graphic design solution tailored to your message. For us every graphic requirement comes as an individual challenge and we push ourselves to the limits to create something which belongs to only you. Graphics developed for use on the web are specifically formatted for the internet and designed for visual impact. These graphics for the web may include photos, Flash animation, illustration, and other forms of media.

If needed, VJLine can also reconfigure your existing print logos for use on the web. We can also design new graphics to be used in print from an existing logos used on the web. We employ technology bundled with creativity to create fresh, innovative and conceptual designs that are bound to stand out.

We ensure that graphics created for the web are fast loading, are easy to navigate and enhance your web solutions overall ranking in search engine and directories. VJLine's design team specializes in designing all types of business stationery, Brochures, Letterheads/envelopes, posters, flyers, catalogs, print advertisements and other business media product for both online and offline usages.

So if you are in need of an outstanding visual tool to convey your unique business message or identity, you can trust VJLine graphic designers to deliver it for you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why VJLine Consultancy Service

We offer a wide-range of services from various domains and industries that too with complete service package. At VJLine Consultancy Service, we believe in delivering the best possible quality and maintaining industry standards in project we work on.

We have professionals with years of experience in their profession who are up-to-date with the latest technologies and are able to deliver the best suited services. Following facts make us worth choosing as service partner and outsourcing your business to us:

·         Flexible delivery models (On-site, Off-shore, and Hybrid Delivery Model)

·         Flexible work methodology

·         Transparent processes

·         Easy and faster communication medium

·         Cost-effective and complete services within the TAT